Home of Horizon 2017

Situated high in the breath-taking Pyrenees Mountains between France and Spain lies Andorra, Horizon’s new home.

Our base is the stunning ski resort of Arinsal, easily served by both Barcelona and Toulouse Airports.

The resort, 1500m high ascending to over 2500m at its peak, offers outstanding conditions for beginner and intermediate skiers and boarders, alongside stunning mountain tops, villages, valleys and lush pine forests – perfect to host the next chapter in Horizon Festival’s unique journey. Offering everything Horizon has become known for, alongside a host of eclectic new venues, our Mountain-top main stage, intimate bars, late night clubs, forest parties, warehouses, secret hostel, avalanche tunnels and pop up venues will play host to 120 DJs, Live Acts and Horizon’s notoriously weird and wonderful side shows.

Ski passes will link Arinsal by cable car to the neighbouring ski area of Pal for great intermediate terrain and off-piste skiing.

You can stay right in the action with accommodation options in Arinsal, or if you prefer a more chilled out zone choose Ertes or La Massana (6 minutes by festival shuttle).

Andorra is equally famous for its tax free status as it is for its lush Ski Resorts and outstanding beauty, and Andorra La Vella offers over 1,000 shops, boutiques and brand stores at unbeatable tax free value.

Ski Information

Ensure you book your ski lift pass in advance. Horizon Festival has secured the best advance rates possible and we have also secured non-consecutive passes which means you can dip in and out and have days off without losing paid up days.

The four day non-consecutive is ideal for the most hedonistic among you. Five day provides you a day off, and six days are for you ski-rave pros!

Remember it can be 50% cheaper to buy direct from us in advance. Passes allow you access across two mountains: Arinsal and Pal.

Arinsal and Pal sector
  • Vertical drop: 1,010 m (from 1,550 m to 2,560m)
  • Skiable area: 707 Ha (1,747 acres)
  • Slopes: 63 km
  • 42 ski runs: 7 green, 15 blue, 16 red, 4 black
  • 5 FIS slalom
  • 2 Freestyle areas
  • Lifts: 30
  • Snowmaking network:
  • 296 snow cannons
  • Guaranteed snow on 28 km
Arcalís sector (Additional Passes Required)
  • Vertical drop: 685 m (2,650m-1,940m)
  • Skiable area: 442 Ha
  • Slopes: 30 km
  • 25 ski runs: 7 green, 6 blue, 10 red, 2 black
  • 5 FIS Slalom and 2 International Ski Federation trails
  • 1 freestyle area
  • 1 boarder cross
  • Ski Lifts: 15
  • Snowmaking network:
  • 89 snow cannons
  • Guaranteed snow on 15 km

Language & Potted History

Despite Andorra’s long history, the country’s size and location might explain why the place is not more widely known. Tucked away in the Eastern Pyrenees Mountains between Spain and France, the 468 square km principality is the 11th smallest country in the world in terms of population. It has a standing army of just twelve people, it has no national bank and no airports but while it might not equal its neighbours in terms of international influence, visitors to the country are drawn in greater numbers each year, attracted to the thriving economy, low taxes and of course, first class skiing.

According to tradition, and commemorated in the national anthem, the territory came into existence when Andorran people were granted a charter by Charlemagne in thanks for their military assistance supporting France against the Moors. In 1278 Andorra’s sovereignty was divided between the Spanish Bishop of Urgell and the French ardad of state. In the intervening time, various attempts have been made to take control of the state, but up until recently the balance of power has remained generally the same.


If history had taken a different turn, Andorra and not Monaco might be a centre of casinos and gambling in Europe. In 1880, a French gambling syndicate, supported by the Bishop of Urgell’s forces attempted to set up a casino in Andorra against the wishes of the French government. What ensued has been called “the Battle of the Casino” which forced the syndicate to relocate to Monaco.

In 1993, Andorra became a parliamentary democracy, though remains the world’s only co-principality with the President of France and the Bishop of Urgell as ruling princes in title only.

Today, Andorra’s official currency is the Euro and the official language is Catalan, although Spanish is most commonly spoken. French is widely used, especially in Pas de la Casa and English and Portuguese are also widely spoken.


Arinsal is unlike your standard French or Austrian Ski Resorts, just look at these prices!

Half Pint —
1.50€ / £1.29

Wine Glass Large —
2.30€ / £1.98

Coffee —
1.10€ / £0.95

Crepes / Dessers —
4.00€ / £3.45

Gourmet Burgers —
9.50€ / £8.19

Prices based on Factory’s Menu at the foot of the Gondola.